levi tulsa technician fix cellphone

Levi Crandall


Levi is 23. Levi grew up in Georgia, where he spent his time reading Star Wars books & exploring the forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In 2007 he moved to Tulsa. From high school through college, Levi always held a job. To the dismay of his parents, however, most of his money went towards gaming & gadgets. With as much as he spent on tech, he astutely realized how often it breaks, & how much could be saved by repairing rather than replacing.  Now he spends his time driving his Volkswagen around town, promoting new repair solutions & fixing phones.

gabriel oklahoma tech programming computers

Gabriel Maxwell

cO-Founder/The CalCULATOR

Gabriel is 23, and moved to Tulsa from Roanoke, Virginia. He had a passion for computer technology since a young age. He was introduced to repair as a byproduct of building gaming PC's.  He grew more confident with deconstructing & reconstructing electronics.  While studying programming at college, Gabriel began working for a cellular repair shop, where his proficiency truly developed.  Now Gabriel spends his time managing our company's numbers and fending off telemarketers.

kyle broken arrow electronics solder

Kyle Berry

Co-FOUNDER/The Dungeon Master

Kyle is 26 and was born in Tulsa OK. He spent his childhood with the arts and outdoors. Just after high school, Kyle discovered a love of science and electronics, learning to code websites and root android phones. That first foray into the tech industry opened a Pandora's box to electrical theory and a move from software to hardware. Now he spends his time soldering through a microscope and continuing to grow his experience and knowledge in all things electronic.