Messenger 2.0 Update

Today, Facebook announced Messenger 2.0

Many of the changes F8 has made to the application are positioning Facebook Messenger to compete more directly with Apple's iMessage & Googles arsenal of messaging apps including Hangouts, Allo, & Android Messages. 

Check out F8's Messenger 2.0 announcement trailer here.

While iMessage is the dominant messaging app on iOS, there is much more competition on the Android side of things.  Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, BBM, Viber, Signal, & Tango are just a few of the texting apps available on the Android platform. 

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Messenger 2.0 introduces several new features including the Discover Tab, Chat Extensions, More from M, & Game Discovery.  This all boils down to more communication methods, new discovery features, gaming integration, and better small business/team project support.

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In an odd move, however, Facebook Messenger 2.0 will support Apple Music integration. Apple has been confirmed as a partner as part of Facebook's efforts to support better music sharing features.  Apple is likely motivated to pursue this partnership in an effort to boost music sales in a market now dominated by other streaming services such as Spotify & Youtube Music.

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Messenger is available for download on the Apple App Store & Android Play Store.