We Take A Crack At The Galaxy S8's Durability

Samsung released the Galaxy S8 & S8+ on April 21st this year. Apart from a few gimmicky features, such as Bixby, the S8 is an exceptional device, balancing aesthetics & functionality.  However, beauty is fragile. Despite its metal frame, Gorilla Glass 5 screen & back, and IP 68 water resistance, the sum of the parts don't always equal the whole.

Best Bang For Your Buck?

Motorola released the Moto G5 & G5 Plus this March with a generally positive reception from their customers and the Android community.  Like its predecessors in the Moto G Series, the Moto G5 Plus delivers exceptional value for as little as $230. That is right - A smartphone with full features, new hardware, & solid build quality for no more than $300 fully optioned out!

Galaxy S8 Spotted in the Wild

The image doesn’t tell us a huge amount, other than to suggest that Samsung could, in fact, have arranged the (single-lens) camera and the fingerprint sensor on the S8 in a vertical, centered line. The offset fingerprint reader on the actual S8 and S8 Plus is a horribly awkward implementation that, in my judgment, should never have made it to a finished product.

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Like a G6

Thin bezels can make for an attractive phone, but it’s also an obsession that can hurt the user experience when taken too far. The first taste of the 18:9 wave of phones we can expect in 2017 is the LG G6. The company has thus pioneered once more by investing a lot of R&D money into the phone’s most marketable and, in my opinion, most surprisingly underwhelming feature.

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