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Why choose Part Swap?

No Fix No Fee Price Structure

We have a NO-FIX NO-FEE structure! You only pay if its fixed.

delivery transport location cellphone repair

We come to you! Either we'll fix it where you are, or we deliver it to you after we complete the repair.

bga smd pcb logic mother

Experience is number one! With advanced equipment and over 15-years combined experience we can do what other shops can't.

warranty industry standard best

We have a warranty that beats the market standard! 6-months for general repair, and 90-day for Board-level repairs for parts and labor.

Find Out What Makes Part Swap's Repair Process Different From The Competition

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Don't Just Take It From Us:

I would highly recommend them! They have fixed two of my phones and I couldn't be happier. Honest, professional, friendly and do an excellent job!

- Julie Metzer-Chisum

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We are a locally owned repair facility established in February of 2017. We offer advanced micro-solder repairs and board-level diagnostics, and have the equipment and expertise to handle the repairs most shops can’t. By focusing on the circuitry inside of popular devices we can help keep you and your device on the road. We offer a myriad of services including Touch IC repair on iPhones and Data Recovery on boards that wont power on at all! If you don't have time to hassle with a repair store, give us a call. We will send a technician to retrieve your device, transport it to our studio, and return it to you repaired for a flat rate. Most repairs we can even complete on the spot while you wait! We also have a no-fix no-fee structure, so you don't have to worry about paying for work that isn’t successful.


We at Part Swap have a mission to keep our customers devices up and running, while at the same time reducing our total carbon footprint by repairing electronics and keeping them out of landfills. We want to offer repair options that are frequently not explored and at costs that make repair worthwhile. 
We also want to support and build the repair community across the country and get to know our repair family online and in person.


cpu smd bga chipset rework

Offer unique and advanced repair options including SMD and BGA rework.

affordable service devices cheap repair

Offer competitive, affordable service for as many devices as can be feasibly repaired.

recycle reduce repair reuse renew

Engage with the community about the right and necessity to 'Reduce, REPAIR, Reuse, and Renew'

community teach educate method practice

Help educate the community on the best methods and practices to repair electronics of all kinds.